Help the greyhounds – urgent please act now

From Lisa White – Friends of The Hound; 9 February 2011

I hope you feel the same as I do – that this is the perfect time to raise our collective voices and help greyhounds.  This opportunity has presented itself and I think we owe it to these dogs to try and change the situation for them.  We can at least raise further awareness, and prove there is a different way of thinking out there – an ethical one that doesn’t agree with money as a justification for animal wastage, we can show that there are mass objections to this ‘sport’ due to the negative consequences for the dogs, and keep putting pressure on this industry.

 The petition has closed – it only ran for 4 days – in line with the timeframe given by Council to object to the proposed development, and received over 1450 signatures. Thank you to all who supported this petition.

 There has also been an opportunity to have your say & comment on the proposed new greyhound track and the wastage and exploitation of these dogs, and respond to the article  or ‘spin’ from the CEO of GRNSW on the Tweed Daily News website, at

 It would be great if everyone could also post comments on ABC North Coast website too.

 I am presenting my objections to the proposed new Greyhound track to the Tweed Shire Councillors tomorrow (Thurs 10th) evening at a Community Access meeting.

It would be great if you could all email letters of concern to Tweed Shire Councillors – they are to whom we need to address our ethical concerns for this proposal.

You can find their email contacts at

 Let’s bombard them with letters.  This is important.

And include also….

State Member for Tweed (Nationals) Geoff Provest & Federal Member for Richmond (ALP) Justine Elliott

 (You can also glean lots of good info & arguments from the comments & details from above links).

We want the greyhound racing industry to be made accountable.  The industry presents itself as a big contributor to our community economically – but what is the cost to the dogs?  Any justification is always spoken about in dollar terms.  However modern society questions such reasoning and is more concerned with the ethical issues and greyhound welfare rather than the supposed justifiable financial gains resulting from this commercial racing and betting industry, that kills thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dogs every year. 

What is the exact cost to the dogs – exactly how many dogs are exploited and destroyed?  We know that around 20,000 are bred each year – & apparently just less than half those bred actually make  it to the track.  We know there are many injuries sustained by the dogs used in this ‘sport’.  We know that those dogs that do race and are not ousted through injury will finish racing by 3-4 years of age. We know that there is a HUGE wastage.

 Modern society questions the perceived popularity of this profit-driven ‘sport,’ that relies on exploitation of dogs and gambling, which is supported by such a minority in the community.

 Greyhounds are one of the world’s most favoured companion animal and this breed of dog suffers mass exploitation and destruction due to entertainment and gambling.Society has evolved and the plight of greyhounds coming into considerable focus around the world. Dog racing is facing a global decline.

 The other matter we discovered which we have been extremely dismayed about.

Very important cause, great organisation – but an unethical way to raisefunds supporting betting & exploitation (& subsequent mass wastage) of dogs?If you wish to voice your concern or dismay –


3 thoughts on “Help the greyhounds – urgent please act now

  1. Mags February 14, 2011 / 2:23 pm

    I can’t believe the McGrath foundation are using a greyhound to benefit their charity. What about charity to dogs. I have contacted them. Shall not support them till they abandon this vile sport (and probably the dog too!)

  2. Mita March 8, 2011 / 12:51 pm

    I live next door to a man associated with greyhound racing. He is exceptionally kind to the greyhounds he actually owns, as well as owning a rescued mix-breed dog. He once brought home, as a pet, a lovely male greyhound that was about to be PTS for not running well.
    BUT I was stunned recently to hear from him that only a couple of greyhounds are still alive out of the first litter of puppies one of his dogs had a few years back. The others had all proven not good enough on the track, for their new owners, and were PTS. He took it for granted that this is the way the system works. I think it’s appalling.
    His dog has had another litter since then. So maybe the same attrition rate applied there, too. Presently, the dog is pregnant again. This time I’ll not be able to bear to look at the puppies
    knowing the likelihood of their lives being cut short.

  3. Greyhound Puppies October 8, 2012 / 2:46 pm

    It is not a vile sport and most people in it love the animals. The two groups need to sit down and discuss solutions to the problem.

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