9 questions for ACAC” (Australian Companion Animal Council)

The following is the text of a letter sent to the head of ACAC, the self proclaimed “peak body” for companion animals and the pet industry in Australia:

(This post should be read in conjunction with “who are ACAC?”)

You can download the letter here:  lttr_kseksel_ACAC_R2_Apr11, or read below!

Date 24 April 2011 President ACAC, Kirsty Seksel: Dear Ms Seksel

 Re Questions for ACAC concerning companion animals

Deathrowpets represents a large number of members of the community concerned with the number of unwanted companion animals that end up in pounds and shelters and the very significant numbers of these animals that are needlessly killed each year. I understand that you share these concerns.

 We note that your organisation professes to be the “peak body” concerning companion animals and the pet industry in Australia. Therefore I believe it appropriate to pass on to you some questions that our members are asking. READ MORE HERE


Why is the Animal Welfare League of Australia a member of the ACAC?

The self-proclaimed “peak body” Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC)  are an industry lobby group with strong vested commercial interests in the pet industry. Read this post in conjunction with Who are ACAC?

Their member organisations are all groups who have actively campaigned at government level against iniatives aimed at stopping the slaughter of unwanted companion animals in pounds and shelters:

NSW: Animals(Regulation of Sale) Bill 2007, 2008; Clover Moore; Independent Minister

ACT: Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2010; Caroline LeCouteur, ACT Greens

So why is the Animal Welfare League a member of this group? What are they doing there? Maybe there is an explanation? So we wrote this letter on March 10 2011 to the President of AWLA Grant Robb: READ MORE HERE

Who are the ACAC (Australian Companion Animal Council) and why will they object to the NSW Inquiry?

  • A very authorative sounding name!
  • A self proclaimed “peak body” ! From their website : we are …”the peak body representing pet ownership and the pet industry in Australia.” ( Note: they did originally say representing ‘companion animals ‘ but must have changed it after reading our letter where we asked about ‘unwanted companion animals’)
  • They write lots of glossy papers you can download, the content of which is probably quite good in itself, especially those on pet ownership and renting*
  • They bang on a lot about “responsible pet ownership”
  • They get their name into the media as a PR strategy to bolster their image

(..and yet around 250,000 unwanted cats and dogs die in our pounds and shelters each year.??) Continue reading

NSW: how to support the call for select commitee inquiry into companion animal welfare in NSW

Independent Member of Parliament and Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore has called for a select committee inquiry into companion animal welfare in NSW:

This is the text of the motion. Details on  HOW TO SUPPORT are BELOW the motion text:

(Parliament House) MS CLOVER MOORE to move—
That this House:
(1) Appoints a select committee to inquire on companion animal welfare with the view to improving their welfare.
(2) That the committee consider the following:
(a) The number and cause of companion animals arriving in NSW shelters and pounds each year and their outcome, such as whether they get re-homed, re-united or euthanized;
(b) Breeding of companion animals;
(c) The practices associated with the sale of companion animals including from pet shops, markets, pounds, shelters, on-line, classifieds, or to the overseas market;

To read the rest of the motion, click here….

It is extremely important to the welfare of NSW companion animals (and as a precedent for other States) that this motion for an inquiry is accepted by the Government. READ MORE HERE

First Getting To Zero (G2Z) workshop a success!

Getting to Zero Workshop Sydney
NSW Parliament House, Wednesday 18 May 2011. Workshop report from G2Z. Actions you can take at end.

http://www.g2z.com.au/ (under construction)

“The Getting to Zero (G2Z) workshop for Sydney was attended by about 90 people representing a variety of roles in companion animal welfare: shelters; pounds; rescue groups; elected councillors; council companion animal officers; animal law activists; animal behaviour experts; policy specialists and individuals. RAED MORE HERE