National desexing month 2011

The National Desexing Network (NDN) is pleased to present the 7th National Desexing Month campaign ‘Desex your Pet in July and Everyone’s Happy’. Once again you are invited to join us by promoting this important message.

 National Desexing Month is a great opportunity to support, encourage and educate your community to desex their cats and dogs and help save lives. We have invited the councils and vets in your area to participate in the month by raising awareness, offering incentives and educating pet owners to desex their pets and we would love to have you and your team on board to help present a unified message to your community. The campaign poster has been distributed to more than 2200 vet clinics and 600 councils along with hundreds of community organisations like yours.

 With Australia’s current economy most shelters and rescue groups are reporting that surrender numbers are up and adoption numbers are down, so now more than ever is the right time to promote the importance of desexing. Supporting this campaign is a great way to let your community know your organisation promotes responsible pet ownership.

 Available from our website for download is a press release which you are free to edit to suit your particular campaign. Copies of our poster and flyers can also be downloaded from our website.

Go here for resources :

DRP Comment:

Please support this initiative – download the poster  from the NDN website and stick it up everywhere!

One thought on “National desexing month 2011

  1. cherry Leonard June 30, 2011 / 8:19 pm

    Cat Sterilisation Society, Western Australia, needs more volunteers for our shopping centre cat sterilisation promotions. Over the past 21 years we have sterilised 47,000 cats and remain a totally volunteer organisation. People on low incomes cannot afford the full cost of cat sterilisation when they are having difficulty in paying their rent, our financial assistance for cat sterilisation is vital.
    Money and volunteers are in short supply, sterilsation is the back bone of good animal welfare. we cannot rehome faster that those breeding..

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