A guide to the ideal shelter director

Article from No Kill Sheltering Oct 2006

Until April 2005, the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA, an agency which contracts for animal control in Charlottesville, Virginia, was the target of criticism for what some in the rescue community saw as unnecessary killing.

But then it all changed. In their search for a new director, agency trustees did not hire someone with years of sheltering experience. In an era which has historically been dominated by reactionary policies, “sheltering experience” often brings a mindset of “how we have always done it.” In other words, it brings an overreliance on killing.

Instead, the Charlottesville Board of Directors sought someone with passion for animals, and specific skills which could be transferred to a shelter environment. They chose a lawyer with a business background. And the results have been dramatic.

Download article here…. Guide to Ideal Director

DRP Comment: a valuable article; download it and forward to all board members you know in shelters and pounds. Relevant in light of recent matters at geelong.

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