The national G2Z Summit took place on the 7-9 September 2011

The national G2Z Summit took place on the 7-9 September 2011, hosted by the National Desexing Network.

Summit papers are available to download from :

One must-read and circulate paper describing Getting2Zero is available here.

Download and read papers on a variety of related topics and subjects of interest to those seeking to reduce our unacceptable pound and shelter kill figures.

DRP Comment:
The G2Z summit is the most important annual conference on the subject of stopping pound and shelter killings in Australia. International key note speakers provide excellent contributions  along with many local subject matter experts in diverse fields.

Actions you can take: 

Please download the must read paper above and send it to managers responsible for your local Council pound and Councillors who have an interest in animal welfare. Ask the question: “what interest do you have in introducing stronger life saving methods to your animal welfare practices?”.

2 thoughts on “The national G2Z Summit took place on the 7-9 September 2011

  1. cherry Leonard November 8, 2011 / 6:08 pm

    We are one of the fringe cat groups referred to by Roz Robinson of Cat Haven as oposing the bill. I have been running Cat Sterilisation Society for 22 years and having sterilised over 51,000 cats depending entirely on volunteers. We opposed this bill because it meant all the cats we have sterilised for the Aboriginal community and on Industrial sites will now be at risk of destruction as they will not be micro chipped or registered.
    Registration also means more councils making curfews and numbers per household. This put even more cats at risk of death
    and our members who have taken in extra cats over the years wil live in fear of Councils
    who see more than 3 cats as a problem. Currently we are sterilising female cats for $60 this includes micro chipping and male cats for $50 this includes micro chipping..
    No doubt we will be out of funds before the law comes into effect and as the Government did not consult us at all we only fee under valued and wonder why as individuals we spent over 30 hours per week rescuing cats, answering the phones and fund raising Yes we do feel the big animal organisations are our enemy but then we are mere volunteers.

    Cherry Leonard

    Cat Sterilisation Society WA

  2. Catty Bates July 26, 2012 / 5:14 am

    You make an excellent point. All these ideals and ambitions re council laws and permits and registrations… but that in many ways does fly in the face of the TNR schemes, which the G2Z does support, and it kills cat lovers who can accomodate more than 2 cats comfortably. Not everyone with lots of animals are hoarders.

    If only it were as easy in the east as Roz makes it sound in the west… sigh.

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