News from the US- the sun also rises in Minnesota!

Bulletin from the No Kill Advocacy Centre, May 2011

Earlier this week, we reported that the Sun rises in New York State as lawmakers introduce shelter reform legislation. Today, Minnesota Representative John Benson has introduced new rescue access and shelter reform legislation, House File 1735, called the Companion Animal Protection Act. The centerpiece of the legislation is a rescue access provision that would make killing illegal if qualified rescue groups are willing to save an animal’s life. But it does so much more.

CAPA would:

  • End “convenience” killing when there are empty cages and when animals can share kennels;
  • Require transparency in operations by requiring shelters to make their statistics public;
  • Provide lifesaving opportunities for “owner-surrendered” animals which are currently killed within minutes of arriving;
  • Ban cruel methods of killing; and,
  • So much more.

MN CAPA is based on the No Kill Advocacy Center’s model legislation of the same name.

For more information about MN CAPA, click here.

3 thoughts on “News from the US- the sun also rises in Minnesota!

  1. Opal Gypsy November 9, 2011 / 11:46 pm

    Why oh why is Australia so far behind on making this legislation happen here ??
    Why does it have to be so damn hard for shelters and pounds to work side by side with rescue groups to get the animals out of cages/pens and into foster homes or their furever homes????
    Surely logic and common sense can prevail on what should be an easy decision to make for the wellbeing and happiness of all involved in animal welfare…
    thank you Paul for at least giving me some hope that Australia will follow the lawmakers of Minnesota … we seem to follow them with so many other issues, it’s about time we followed their lead on such important issues like animal welfare and shelter reform..

  2. Janet November 16, 2011 / 9:04 pm

    Unfortunately we lag behind on many things in this country, not just animal welfare reform. It will happen eventually when the pollies wake up and realise the dire situation our companion animals are currently in.

    The tragedy is that until that occurs animals are dying needlessly. All we can do is to continue to educate the public on being responsible pet owners and persuade them to adopt instead of buying from pet shops and pet classifieds, desexing their pets, especially their cats, and impress on them the importance of choosing the right pet for their particular lifestyle, to name but a few.

  3. cherry Leonard November 21, 2011 / 6:08 pm

    Unfortunately animal welfare organisations in Australia do not work well together. This is because money becomes the prme object amd other animal welfare organisationa are seen as competition.
    There is no State or National registers, nearly anyone can set up an animal welfare organisation in Western Australia just by registering with the incorporations office and taxation office
    The in fighting in animal welfare is part of the stress factor with organisations and they attract people with much heart and no head or those with head (money=jobs) and no heart
    Cherry from Cat Sterilisations Society who over the past 22 years have sterilised 52,000 cats and remain a totally volunteer organisation

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