news from the US- National Day of No Kill Saves Thousands of Animals

On June 11, the anniversary of the first No Kill community in the U.S., at least 800 animal welfare organizations, animal control centers, private animal shelters and rescue organizations joined forces to save homeless pets and pledged not to kill any healthy, adoptable animals for Just One Day, the first national day of No Kill in the U.S.

The No Kill Advocacy Center and Animal Ark, who organized the event, estimate that as many as 9,000 animals were saved, but believe that number is conservative.

“We proved that there are enough homes for shelter animals,” said Mike Fry of Animal Ark. “So long as the shelters engage the animal-loving American public in positive and constructive ways, they will swoop in to help the shelters to save lives.”

For the campaign, techs were asked to put down syringes and instead pick up their cameras and hit social media sites with photos to promote animals who needed a forever home. Rescuers marketed to the public, stayed open longer, offered discounted adoption rates and hosted events. The facilities that are usually closed on Mondays stayed open and the response from hundreds of communities nationwide was overwhelming.

“Some shelters literally ran out of animals,” said Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center. “With empty cages all over their shelters, many of them realized they were not going to have to kill any animals on June 12, either. Many decided to continue their events each day for Just One More Day.”

According to an update, B.A.R.C. in Houston saved 231 animals. Miami-Dade Animal Services placed 116 animals and passed a No Kill resolution. In Armarillo, Texas, animal control placed 47 animals by 4:30 and adoptions kept moving too fast for the computer system to keep up. Boone County Animal Shelter in Kentucky saved 57 animals. Roanoke in Virginia reported 36 adoptions by mid-day and a shelter full of potential adopters, while another facility reported staff crying tears of joy.

“In short, it was the single, safest day for homeless animals in shelters this century, with the support, endorsement and embrace of traditional shelters all over the country. And the shelters participating did not shy away from embracing No Kill or the term. It was a watershed moment. Not just because they did so or the animals normally killed in years past were saved, but because of the valuable lessons hundreds of traditional shelters across the country learned,” said Winograd.

“They learned that No Kill is not to be feared. They learned that rescue groups are not to be feared. And they learned that the public is not to be feared. In fact, we are all partners—ready, willing, and able to work together the moment they decide to do so.”

For more information, visit Just One Day.

DRP Comment: 

This is surely something we can do here in Australia? Tell us what you think? What would be the positives of such a campaign?  What would be the obstacles? Who would object?


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