Excellent thought piece from Rescued with Love…

re SBS Insight program , 25 th September

A lot thought Insight lacked impact, wanting a serious stoush between large orgs, puppy farmers and animal rights. It would have made great viewing I’m sure.
The topic was about the question “Is there an overpopulation of pets?”

According to Matt Hams the puppy farmer – the market is there, selling 30-40 puppies a week. This is an issue Oscar’s Law have brought to the attention of Australians – and their fight is going to be a long and dirty one. While there is a buck to be made from selling a puppy, and a place to market them – there will always be those who will run these places.



RSPCA NSW want to work with rescue groups..

On the SBS Insights program last night 25 Set 2012, RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman said that RSPCA NSW works with Rescue Groups. He also explained a situation where RSPCA reached out to Rescue Groups but that none responded…

We have some logical questions: please reply in the comments below:

If you are with a rescue Group that actively and currently works with RSPCA NSW – please tell us

If you were one of the Rescue Groups that was contacted by RSPCA with an invitation to work with them, please let us know

If you are with a Rescue Groups that did not respond to the RSPCA NSW invitation please let us know why

RSPCA NSW have made it clear that they want to work with Rescue Groups.

Action that Rescue Groups can take

Please write to Steve Coleman at scoleman@rspcansw.org.au, with your rescue group request and offer to work with them.  This is a great opportunity!

I suggest that you keep copies of subsequent correspondence for reference.

“I hate to think what will befall this Society when I am gone.”

“I hate to think what will befall this Society when I am gone.” 

-Henry Bergh

The No Kill Advocacy Center, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions are proud to announce the upcoming release of a feature-length documentary on the No Kill revolution in America.

 When the early founders of the animal protection movement died and their organizations took over the job of killing those they had been formed to protect, a fiery zeal was replaced with a smoldering ember that gave little light or warmth and the humane movement went to sleep. After over 100 years of this antiquated and deadly paradigm, the grassroots of the animal protection movement is finally waking up.

Starting with the founding of the first SPCA in North America by Henry Bergh and continuing to this very day, the documentary will tell the story of heroes and villains, betrayal and redemption. But most of all, it is the story of a social movement that is as noble and just as those which have come before.

Written by Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center and produced in partnership with Debi & Lincoln Day, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions, watch the trailer by clicking here.

NYC sets record in lowest dog/cat euthanasia ratio ever

Garo Alexanian, Companion Animal Network, September 14, 2012

Dear Friend of Animals,

A historic breakthrough in reducing euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats has occurred in the USA. New York City has become the lowest major region for per capita dog and cat euthanasia in the nation, reducing its municipal shelter killing to just 1 dog/cat per 1000 residents.

The previous lowest ever ratio was 1.3 in San Francisco, which only has a 750,000 human population base. New York City’s previous lowest rate was 1.7 (2009).  No major region had ever reached 1.0, much less a major region 10 times the size of San Francisco.

How did New York City accomplish this long presumed impossible feat? READ MORE HERE

Dangerous Dogs Sensible Solution

Following is a policy and model legislative framework created by the Australian Veterinary Association on the subject of breed specific legislation, August 2012:



“The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), along with the national veterinary associations of Britain, the United States and Canada, has recognised that breed-specific approaches to dog regulation are not effective as they do not protect the public by reducing dog bite incidents………….

Download the report here…….Dangerous%20dogs%20-%20a%20sensible%20solution%20FINAL