Excellent thought piece from Rescued with Love…

re SBS Insight program , 25 th September

A lot thought Insight lacked impact, wanting a serious stoush between large orgs, puppy farmers and animal rights. It would have made great viewing I’m sure.
The topic was about the question “Is there an overpopulation of pets?”

According to Matt Hams the puppy farmer – the market is there, selling 30-40 puppies a week. This is an issue Oscar’s Law have brought to the attention of Australians – and their fight is going to be a long and dirty one. While there is a buck to be made from selling a puppy, and a place to market them – there will always be those who will run these places.

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3 thoughts on “Excellent thought piece from Rescued with Love…

  1. Stephanie Bates September 27, 2012 / 11:03 am

    The Insight episode lacked any insight whatsoever. Jenny Brockie looked all at sea and didn’t have a handle on the situation at all. The warm and fuzzy stories and the lets all talk about our animals was lame and a time waster. It never got to the bottom of anything,certainly no hard questions were asked,no one was put on the spot and asked to explain anything in any meaningful way, the RSPCA dude was let off the hook, as was the mass breeder and the woman who reckons she couldn’t keep a cat in an apartment but we had to sit through her dribble…Oh and the two guys that just fell in love with their puppy farm dog who met the ‘breeder’ somewhere (not at their premises obviously – wonder why?) I wonder when the mass breeder’s dogs will start to appear in shelters and pounds? I wonder what happens to his breeding dogs when they are no longer used to breed? So what’s with rangers shooting dogs? So many issues but no real analysis. So once again, animals are given short shrift like they don’t matter by some limp program that misses the mark and was a total time waster. Thanks SBS, hole in one.

  2. shmootoo September 28, 2012 / 12:04 pm

    Absolutely right – they were my views too. The producers did not have a grasp of the subject at all. Jennie Brockie chopped and changed subjects, nothing was in depth, or resolved.

    Steve Coleman lied through his teeth and made inane statements, and NO-ONE challenged him – so he got away with his lies. He said, eg. the RSPCA takes ‘all-comers’ – well, so do many pounds, Blacktown Pound, for example. Their kill rate for dogs is around 12% compared to RSPCA’s 53%. He said that ‘no-kill’ was unrealistic – was this because he does not know what it means? Has he not heard of AWL Qld’s G2Z Program? Why did Tim Vasudeva (CEO AWL NSW) not speak up?

    As an ex-pound volunteer, I was interviewed for nearly an hour over the phone by Fanou Filali, the Producer. Amongs her questions was, “Which pound would kill the most animals?”. For me it was a toss up between the RSPCA and Melbourne’s LDH. Thinking the program was about NSW only, I nominated the RSPCA, which immediately generated much interest. I put her in contact who knew a lot more about the RSPCA than I did.

    Apparently the program took 1 hour and 45 minutes, but only 40 minutes was shown on television – so it was most likely heavily edited. Only those present can tell you whether there was heated debate or not. My comments criticising Steve Coleman were deleted from the SBS blog, so they are obviously protecting him or are scared of litigation.

  3. Aloysia September 30, 2012 / 9:26 am

    OMG, the producer talks to an ex voly to get the lowdown and that is what we watched? Mustn’t have passed on any of her research, certainly not to Brockie. Oh, and forget about commenting on the SBS website in any meaningful way. They heavily censor their comments. Anything that doesn’t follow a certain line or praise one of their programs up doesn’t get included. Horay for free speech!

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