How Dogs NSW fight changes to limit breeding

Steering Committee appointed for Companion Animals Taskforce

April 2013

Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of Directors of Dogs NSW, supported by input from a large number of ordinary Members who attended an Open Meeting held in conjunction, appointed a Steering Committee to lead the membership through the consultation period made available by the relevant Ministers of the NSW Government for responses to the Companion Animals Taskforce Report released on 26 March 2013.

This is arguably the most critical period in the sixty odd year history of our organisation and its predecessors. For the first time ever, an attempt is being made to legislate our activities as “hobby breeders and show & trial exhibitors” into the same category as “large scale pet shop breeders” and “puppy farmers”.

The uniqueness of our organisation seems to have been sadly ignored by the Taskforce. The things that make Dogs NSW different, will need to be emphasised in our final response.One outcome of Wednesday’s meetings was clear recognition that as many Members as possible should make an appointment with their local member and speak with them with a message from the heart about what your hobby means to you and how you perceive the oppressive additional tier of licensing and asso ciated regulation will affect your future in the hobby.

You should also directly request that your Member represent your views when he casts his vote in relation to any proposed legislative change which evolves from the Taskforce Report.
We also encourage you to put your thoughts into writing and convey them to each of your local Member as well as the two relevant Ministers, Hodgkinson and Page.
To assist you, we provide the following contact details and links to assist in identifying your local Member.
Further assistance will be added as it is collated and added by the Steering Committee who will meet for the first time on Monday 15 April 2013.
Tom Couchman
President Dogs NSW


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