How to temp test into the kill zone – an article by Kirsty Seksel

Veterinary behaviourist Kirsty Seksel says : “the sad reality is that many of the dogs relinquished to these groups (Rescue Groups) are not suitable for rehoming and should be euthenased in the interest of the long term welfare of the dog. Unfortunately there is little if no expertise in many of these groups to assess the suitability of these dogs for rehoming purposes”

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Ms Seksel is CEO of ACAC ( Australian Companion Animal Council)

DRP Comment:

This is an important article to read and understand. Kirsty Seksel is the CEO of ACAC – an industry lobby group that has manoeuvred itself into  positions of giving governments advice on dog and cat matters. She is a member of the current NSW Companion Animal Taskforce, which has recently taken 2 years to come up with some recommendations to NSW Ministers. I won’t comment on the Taskforce recommendations here, other than to say that of course, ………….no commercial vested interests will be unduly inconvenienced if the proposals are accepted.

A worrying development is that this “expert” has recently appeared at Blacktown Pound to give “advice” to management., The result was that 5 dogs earmarked to go to Rescue Groups were summarily executed.

Open question to Kirsty Seksel : “Ms Seksel, what exactly have you, or your commercial entities,  done in the past to increase rehoming rates from pounds/shelters?”

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Dangerous Dogs Sensible Solution

Following is a policy and model legislative framework created by the Australian Veterinary Association on the subject of breed specific legislation, August 2012:



“The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), along with the national veterinary associations of Britain, the United States and Canada, has recognised that breed-specific approaches to dog regulation are not effective as they do not protect the public by reducing dog bite incidents………….

Download the report here…….Dangerous%20dogs%20-%20a%20sensible%20solution%20FINAL




Pit Bull Bias in the Media

Blog article by Goodfordogs:

On September 30, 2010, in Domestic Animals Amendment, bsl, media, by Mike Bailey

“Anyone who reads the papers would be forgiven for thinking that ‘pit bulls’ are unpredictable dangerous dogs. It feels like every time we read about a dog causing serious injuries to people, a pit bull is to blame. It appears the media show a bias against pit bulls in their reporting of dog attacks. READ MORE HERE…