How pet industry PR and influencing works

Before you read this, just tuck away in your mind the fact that Colgate is the owner of  Hills Pet Nutrition – then this post will make more sense.

Yesterday I spotted this interesting and readable piece in our local Hobart newspaper:

Now I would be the first to agree that “68% of Tasmanians living with pets believe they are important contributors to their happiness”…… they most certainly are to us! No argument!

So I did a bit of a search….and found the exact same article, carefully orientated to the local area, in another 5 newspapers and magazines, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and even a parenting magazine, all proclaiming that “68%, or 70% or 80% “of us are happier with pets etc. I’m sure I could find them in a lot more places if I look.

Here are a few of them ( you don’t need to read them all, trust me, they all say the same thing and point you to Colgate’s wonderful competition…): READ MORE HERE


Information required on Dogs NSW…….

Dogs NSW have contacted their members to object to an Option proposed in the NSW animal welfare Taskforce 2012, an Option they themselves recommended, being an integral member of that Taskforce.

Click here to understand what’s going on….

To be specific, they support Breeder Licencing for non Dogs NSW members, and want an EXEMPTION for themselves ( cynical us believe this would drive more membership applications, but that’s another matter).

They want “self-regulation”.: From their paper to members:

“Dogs NSW Breeders already have in place a well regulated system which provides for; 

 • Education and Training prior to the granting of a Breeder’s Prefix 
• Proof of Residential Address verifying actual location of approved breeding premises 
• Compulsory Microchipping prior to registration 
• Availability of the Limited Register to restrict breeding of surplus animals 
• A Code of Ethics which sets the highest standards in breeding practises and commits all Registered Breeders 
to compliance with all relevant legislation 
• A regulated investigation and inquiry program to deal with breaches of our Code 
• A traceable Membership Number which can be used in puppy advertisements 
The  Taskforce  proposal  has  the  potential  to  add  a  further  tier  of  registration  on  Dogs  NSW  Breeders 
which would  undoubtedly bring with it unnecessary and unjustifiable further regulation and costs. Dogs 
NSW Members need to be one voice in opposing it. “

DRP Comment:

We think this is as good a time as any to reveal cracks in their “well regulated system” and breaches of their Code, and breaches of their “regulated investigation program” on breaches of their code,  which we are told that they often ignore.

Action you can take: 

If you have information, direct experience, or evidence, please post your story in the comments section below. We will never reveal your name or email details – all is confidential. Please, only FACTS and information, no exaggerations! We don’t want a legal letter from Dogs NSW ……..

And if they ARE squeaky clean, then that’s OK too!

Undercover pet shop investigation

In late 2010 Animal Liberation Campaign Co-ordinator Jacqueline Dalziell took a position as a employee in a well known Sydney pet shop. Over a 3 month period she took observations and filmed breaches of the Code of Practice.

The TV report was screened on Today Tonight  and can be viewed on COMPANION ANIMAL NEWS click here

( Please nb to click at the bottom to go direct to some other Animal Liberation pet shop diary stories.)

In February 2011 she presented this report to the RSPCA NSW:

RSPCA Report

Location: XXXX

Store Owner: XXXXXXX (DRP note: this store is one of a well known  large chain of  Pet Stores across the country)

In efforts to expose how animals suffer in pet stores, this year I took a job working undercover in a XXXX store. I worked approximately 2-3 shifts (approx. 6-8 hours) per week, for approximately three months. I was hired having no formal qualifications in animal care. I recorded everything I saw and heard. READ MORE HERE

Pets Paradise wants to help shelters and rescue groups!

If this isn’t one of the biggest acts of hypocracy and consumer lies, we don’t know what is. Read this letter from the Pets Paradise marketing person:

“Thank you for your email. For over five years Pets Paradise has been running the Christmas Gift Tree Appeal in an effort to help raise much needed suppliers for various animal shelters and refuges across the country. READ MORE HERE

RSPCA Close Puppy Farms Campaign – update

Stop Puppy Farms banner Monash Freeway Melbourne

On August 17th, we attended the RSPCA Close Puppy Farms round table meeting in Canberra, along with representatives from AVA, PIAA, ANKC, AWL Queensland, MBDTA , NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Commitee and various RSPCA representatives. It certainly was “interesting” being in the same discussion as some of the “enemy”! Read more here..

Some small steps and BIG wins…

We often get little notes from people who let us know what they are doing. Here are a couple that made us smile, and happy:

“I am getting magnetic labels made up for my car, which has your web address and also says “How We Can Help” :)

I thought my vehicle would grab more attention than a few flyers that end up in the bin.

 Also while heading towards a pet shop in Sydney, I spotted a lady continuously looking around the glass cages and overheard her say “They’re all the same”.

As she left, I walked towards her, and said “Excuse me, would you like one of these” (the flyer). She replied “Yes please” (in a soft voice).

It gave me such a great feeling as I walked on; hopefully she will spread the word.”

Thank you K!


“Those video’s horrified me to the core that this happens in Australia so l apologize that l had an emotional breakdown and vented to you. l would like to thank you.  l have sent all my family and friends information and your website and the Oscar’s law website to speak up and stop this happening, as well as adding information to my facebook page .

You have also inspired me to adopt a dog from our local animal shelter this weekend rather than looking to purchase one through the newspaper or from a pet store and l will educate others to not buy animals from pet stores anymore.”

Good on you  J!