Puppy Farmers have to Ham it up themselves: our puppy mill warrior, Debra Tranter wins court case with ACA Kennels……….

Debra told us the following after she had won the trial:

ACA breeders apparently lied in the witness stand and the judge made the comment “they were not credible witnesses”. ACA breeders and their supporters were extremely aggressive and intimidating throughout the two days, following me to the car, the bathroom etc and abusing me.

“The ACA puppy farm court case lasted two days, after I gave my evidence today police withdrew all 4 charges and now have to pay my legal bill. 

 The look on their faces at the outcome was priceless. More detail……. 

Court case 1 ACA puppy farm
5 charges – assault with a weapon-motor vehicle, causing grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving, reckless driving causing injury, trespass. If proven guilty would be facing 6-12 months jail. 

The charges related to April 2008 when I entered ACA puppy farm to film the dogs, I spent two hours on the property filming the dogs and their living conditions. I left the property and had driven twenty minutes down the road and saw headlights on the horizon. It was obvious the car had veered onto my side of the road and was coming straight for me. I had no choice but to stop my car. Two men jumped out of the car (Colin and Mathew Hams, owners of the puppy farm) they accused me of stealing property and demanded I get out so they could search my car. 

DeathRowPets poster

Colin started to abuse me and threaten me, it became very heated. I could not get phone reception as I was trying to dial 000. I advised them I would follow them to the police station and let the police handle it. 

They were extremely aggressive and the situation was becoming volatile: I attempted to leave. As my car started to move, Mathew jumped up and sat on my bonnet. 

I told him I was now phoning the police; with that he lay on the ground and told Colin that I had just tried to kill him and to call an ambulance. After a while I had no choice but to get out of the car and try and get phone reception so I could call 000. Colin then grabbed me around the throat and assaulted me. 

I managed to get away on foot and phoned the police. When the police arrived Mathew told them his ribs were broken and that I had tried to run him over. They called an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. I gave a no comment knowing that the police also owned a puppy farm and I was not particularly their most popular person. So I was charged and spent the night in lock up and was bailed the next morning. 

After a harrowing two days in court listening to Mathew and Colin lie I was able to finally give my evidence. There was no damage to my car, hospital records stated there were no injuries to Mathew, the judge directed the police to dismiss the charges and found that the Hams ‘were not credible witnesses’ and that on the other hand Debra Tranter is a ‘very composed, credible witness’. 

I pleaded guilty to trespass and was fined $1000 with NO CONVICTION and given a two year good behaviour bond. 

The Hams and their supporters were extremely threatening and intimidating in and outside of court for the two days, they followed me to my car abusing me, followed me to the bathroom, attempted to hip and shoulder me when they walked past me. 

The judge had to tell them to be quiet in court numerous times or they would be removed. I did not make eye contact with them for two days, so after I won I took great pleasure at looking at them all straight in the eye with a huge grin from ear to ear.
Case 2 ACA puppy farm
Mathew Hams had taken an intervention order out on me claiming that I was stalking him and that he feared for his life. After I won the first case Mathew withdrew the intervention order.
Case 3 Charlton puppy farm
Charlton puppy farm supplier to pets paradise- January 2008 -theft, burglary; 22 dogs and 17 cats rescued from cages – charges withdrawn. New charge laid – handling stolen property. I have to donate $200 to Bendigo RSPCA, be of good behaviour until April 09. 

Wrote a letter of gratitude to police for dropping other charges.

Action you can take

Just a suggestion – you could send a polite note to the Hams congratulating them of their loss………. we did.

Colin and Mathew Hams aca_bk@bigpond.net.au 

DRP comment:   what a warrior!

What are your thoughts on what Debra has uncovered and endured? 

To read about this important case, brought about by ACA Kennels after Debra’s expose of their operation, read here….. You will be amazed!