News from Vic: Allegations the Lost Dog’s Home is unnecessarily putting dogs down

Radio interview Radio MTV 1377; Thursday August 5 2010

Luke Grant talks to Kae Norman from Rescued with Love regarding her allegations that the Lost Dog’s Home is unnecessarily putting dogs down. Dr Graeme Smith – Managing Director of the Lost Dogs Home responds t0 Kae’s allegations.

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News from Victoria: The Lost Dogs Home do it again

Report by Rescued With Love

“The Lost Dogs Home have apparently ‘done it again’.  Without any attempt to lower their kill rates (yes AWL QLD are working towards Zero kill, the RSPCA ACT are at 8% and SADS Melbourne are under 10%) the LDH are still not addressing the fact they are a HIGH KILL POUND. 

Donors who have given money for more than a decade are shut out of AGM’s because they have questions, families wanting answers as to why their beloved pets were killed when they were trying to reclaim them are still being met with silence.  LDH staff members are coming forward telling stories anonmyously about “Killing Sprees” and exposing that dogs such as Buckley who made a huge amount of money for this facility were indeed to be killed until it was leaked to the media.  So what are they up to now? 

They have a Pet Licence for potential owners!  There is a book to read through to explain responsible pet ownership to those wishing to take the test.  According to their website they have worked on this for a year. Mmm, interesting.  

The first question asked after you log your name  and details in is a yes or no, woul you like to ‘Receive information from the Lost Dogs Home’?  Information?  Would that be more information on responsible pet care, or would it be how you can financially aid the LDH? 

There are questions involving registering your dog. how long a dog is kept for in a pound before being euthanased or rehomed, and if your animal will gain weight if it is desexed.  Can heartworm be deadly for dogs? Can you train an older dog?  How often should you feed your dog? And how often should you brush a long haired dog?  The ridiculous list goes on. 

Please go and do the test online at it’s a corker.  You even get a certificate from “Australia’s largest animal SHELTER”.  Um, another bit of misinformation there too!  It’s Australia’s largest POUND!  With 17 dog up for adoption in it’s shelter section Rescued With Love has more dogs on its books. 

If you want to educate the public, a Pet License isn’t going to do it.  What happens if someone fails the test?  Do they get a chance to read through the book and then pass?  Will it make them a better pet owner in two minutes?  Will they remember to put into place everything they have learnt in the booklet?  Will they still care responsibly for their new pet, even if they didn’t in the past? 

What a waste of time, and more donors’ money. 

Have a look at how a real Pet Education Program works, by logging onto Best Friends in the USA 

 The LDH think by bringing this Pet License out this week it will deflect the publicity from Brindle the family pet killed needlessly in their facility.  And that it will deflect they are killing treatable, re-homeable dogs and cats without attempting to address their poor sheltering techniques. 

What the LDH don’t realize is they won’t stop the animals coming into their facility.  But they can do something about what happens when they are in there, and to save more lives all they have to do is stop the convenience killing. 

Again, more emphasis taken off the dogs in need, at a time when they need it the most.  In a pound, lost, and alone.  Nice one LDH.  “We care more than most because too many people don’t care enough”. 

Blaming the public for your kill rates.  What next?”

Family dog killed by Lost Dogs Home after blunder

Read this article about the Lost Dogs Home: ”Family dog killed after Cranbourne Pound bungle”

 Following by Rescued With Love

“Today a supporter sent this link and was deeply distressed that again the Lost Dogs Home have killed someone’s pet without trying to work out whether or not it could be rehoused acceptably, back to the owner. 

A microchipped pet, and a bureacratic bungle at Australia’s largest pound, shows again the incompetence of Management and the lack of willingness to save a ‘wanted’ dog’s life. 

Again another email arrived from a member of the public tonight, this time distressed because the Lost Dogs Home have killed their pet within the mandatory 8 day period and refuse to give any form of answer as to why. 

Here is the email received. 

“my partner and I  had a dog that was handed in by someone who didn’t own the dog ( our dog/puppy wasn’t microchiped) on a Monday about 4.30 pm and he was put down the very next morning at 8.15am or 12.30pm depending on who was telling the story.

 The person who handed him in stated it wasn’t their dog. We have contacted them on numerous times to find out what happened and why the dog was put down and each time we were told a very different story inc the dog was never there.

 We have never been able to see any paperwork regarding the dog, we weren’t even able to have a look for dogs up for adoption ( hoping we might spot him) and were told by Sue to go have a look at the website. no stories ever matched up and no one has told us a straight story and we don’t understand why he was put down so quickly, as he was a gorgeous dog.

We were wondering is there a way of finding out what happened to the dog maybe through paperwork or any other way. We are still not buying any of the stories of what happened to our dog and just want to get down to the truth. Any help would be appreciated so much.” 

Again the incompetence within this facility shows that we are dealing with a management who is willing to kill companion animals. 

It is time the Lost Dogs Home were made accountable for their shocking, and FATAL mistakes, if they are to continue garnering donations from an unsuspecting public.  With 6 million dollars in the bank,  and spruiking they are the ones who care because no one else cares enough, the Lost Dogs Home should be willing to speak to these owners, and at the very least, offer a personal apology to both of them. 

Actions you can take: Please copy and send this post to everyone who you think would like to read it.  If you would like people to contact the Lost Dogs Home at Nth Melbourne on   (03) 9329 2755   or email  CEO  Graeme Smith and Shelter Manager Sue Conroy on 

It is time justice was asked for within this facility which is a high kill pound, yet others can operate as a towards No Kill Shelter.  It is time to ask The Lost Dogs Home to be accountable to those who donate their money to them, to save the very animals they are so bent on killing.

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