“I hate to think what will befall this Society when I am gone.”

“I hate to think what will befall this Society when I am gone.” 

-Henry Bergh

The No Kill Advocacy Center, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions are proud to announce the upcoming release of a feature-length documentary on the No Kill revolution in America.

 When the early founders of the animal protection movement died and their organizations took over the job of killing those they had been formed to protect, a fiery zeal was replaced with a smoldering ember that gave little light or warmth and the humane movement went to sleep. After over 100 years of this antiquated and deadly paradigm, the grassroots of the animal protection movement is finally waking up.

Starting with the founding of the first SPCA in North America by Henry Bergh and continuing to this very day, the documentary will tell the story of heroes and villains, betrayal and redemption. But most of all, it is the story of a social movement that is as noble and just as those which have come before.

Written by Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center and produced in partnership with Debi & Lincoln Day, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions, watch the trailer by clicking here.


news from the US- National Day of No Kill Saves Thousands of Animals

On June 11, the anniversary of the first No Kill community in the U.S., at least 800 animal welfare organizations, animal control centers, private animal shelters and rescue organizations joined forces to save homeless pets and pledged not to kill any healthy, adoptable animals for Just One Day, the first national day of No Kill in the U.S.

The No Kill Advocacy Center and Animal Ark, who organized the event, estimate that as many as 9,000 animals were saved, but believe that number is conservative.

“We proved that there are enough homes for shelter animals,” said Mike Fry of Animal Ark. “So long as the shelters engage the animal-loving American public in positive and constructive ways, they will swoop in to help the shelters to save lives.” READ MORE HERE

The national G2Z Summit took place on the 7-9 September 2011

The national G2Z Summit took place on the 7-9 September 2011, hosted by the National Desexing Network.

Summit papers are available to download from :   http://www.ndn.org.au/national-summit-2011.html

One must-read and circulate paper describing Getting2Zero is available here.

Download and read papers on a variety of related topics and subjects of interest to those seeking to reduce our unacceptable pound and shelter kill figures. READ MORE HERE

news from US – Texas act prohibits killing of healthy animals in pounds – The Companion Animal Protection Act of 2011

Great news to animal welfare! The Texas Companion Animal Protection Act has been implemented. Among other wonderful things, it bans the gas chamber, makes it illegal for shelters to kill if rescue can save them, ends ‘convenience’ killing and requires shelters to be truthful about killing statistics. 

“It is the intent of the State of Texas to curtail the killing of savable animals in the State. In order to accomplish this, the State of Texas finds and declares that:

Protecting animals is a legitimate and public interest

The killing of savable animals in shelters is a tragedy………..


Download the full text of the ACT here

DRP Comment:

We wonder how long it will take for Acts like this to appear here in Australia! Tell us your thoughts!





First Getting To Zero (G2Z) workshop a success!

Getting to Zero Workshop Sydney
NSW Parliament House, Wednesday 18 May 2011. Workshop report from G2Z. Actions you can take at end.

http://www.g2z.com.au/ (under construction)

“The Getting to Zero (G2Z) workshop for Sydney was attended by about 90 people representing a variety of roles in companion animal welfare: shelters; pounds; rescue groups; elected councillors; council companion animal officers; animal law activists; animal behaviour experts; policy specialists and individuals. RAED MORE HERE

News from the USA – You Say You Want a Revolution?

  Rescuing Animals from Death by Reforming Shelters in All 50 States

The No Kill Advocacy Center and No Kill Nation are excited to announce the launch of their joint campaign to create a No Kill nation: Rescue Five-0. Working with grassroots activists across the country, Rescue Five-0 will seek the introduction and passage of The Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) in every state, model legislation which mandates the implementation of the proven life-saving programs collectively known as “The No Kill Equation.”

To launch the campaign and to inform legislators regarding the urgent need for shelter reform, Rescue Five-0 has sent model CAPA legislation and Nathan Winograd’s groundbreaking book detailing the history and future of the No Kill movement, Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America to every state legislator in the country: 7,400 in all. READ MORE HERE