Why is New Zealand SPCA pulling ahead of RSPCA Australia with No Kill?

New Zealand SPCA commitment to save ALL healthy shelter- animal lives…

This is what Bob Kerridge, President of Royal New Zealand SPCA had to say in Rotorua at their Annual Conference where Nathan Winograd was invited as guest speaker :

“Our first step,” he said, “must be a commitment and an acceptance of the philosophy that saving lives is totally achievable. With that in place, the second step is to implement an infrastructure with each and every individual SPCA to achieve just that… The infrastructure involves ten initiatives, and the ultimate success of the program depends on the implementation of each and every of missions contained therein… by resolve and the rigorous implementation of the full program.”

He called it “Saving Lives,” a campaign to achieve a No Kill nation. He didn’t use the term “No Kill,” that wasn’t their language, but what did it matter. The underlying philosophy was the same: “Every life is precious” Continue reading