Submissions urgently required for SA govt select commitee review into cats and dogs as companion animals.

URGENT PLEASE”. The 2013 Review of Dogs and Cats as Companion Animals by the SA Government will be closed for public submissions on 16th January.


The House of Assembly of the Parliament of South Australia has
established a Select Committee to investigate and report upon the
legislative and regulatory management of the trade in companion
dogs and cats, with the goals of the elimination of cruelty and the
reduction of the numbers of unwanted animals being euthanized,
and in particular consider –
(a) options for the regulation of welfare standards for
breeding companion dogs and cats;
(b) the adequacy of regulation of the source of companion
dogs and cats for sale;
(c) the feasibility of a mandatory cooling off period between
registering intent to purchase a companion dog or cat
and taking possession of the animal;
(d) the adequacy of the regulation of non-retail-shop trade in
companion dogs and cats;
(e) how the registration, micro chipping and desexing of
companion dogs and cats might address these goals; and
(f) any other relevant matters.
Submissions, in writing, are invited and should be received no
later than 16 January 2013. The link for you to get the documents you need is :

A very kind person who has asked to remain anonymous, has sent me their draft document as a basis of submission. I have taken this and added my own recommendations and ideas. You can download this document and use it as you wish if it helps you create your own submission.

The link is


How pet industry PR and influencing works

Before you read this, just tuck away in your mind the fact that Colgate is the owner of  Hills Pet Nutrition – then this post will make more sense.

Yesterday I spotted this interesting and readable piece in our local Hobart newspaper:

Now I would be the first to agree that “68% of Tasmanians living with pets believe they are important contributors to their happiness”…… they most certainly are to us! No argument!

So I did a bit of a search….and found the exact same article, carefully orientated to the local area, in another 5 newspapers and magazines, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and even a parenting magazine, all proclaiming that “68%, or 70% or 80% “of us are happier with pets etc. I’m sure I could find them in a lot more places if I look.

Here are a few of them ( you don’t need to read them all, trust me, they all say the same thing and point you to Colgate’s wonderful competition…): READ MORE HERE

How does NSW compare to the UK for dog kill rates in council pounds?

A comparison of dog kill statistics in Council Pounds between NSW and the UK overall

The purpose of this document is to create a comparison of statistics between NSW and the UK , as information for the NSW Companion Animal Taskforce public submission 2012


  • 3.3 times more dogs enter NSW Council pounds per head of population than enter UK Council pounds
  • Nearly 16 times more dogs per head of population, are killed by NSW Councils, than by UK Councils
  • The kill rate in Council pounds as a percent of dogs coming in, is 4.6 times higher in NSW than in the UK

The sources of statistics used for this analysis are taken from the following publications (click to open):

  1. ACAC; Contribution of the Pet Care Industry to the Australian Economy 7th Ed 2010
  2. NSW Companion Animal Taskforce;  Discussion Paper, May 2011
  3. Dogs Trust UK;  Stray Dog Survey 2011
  4. Dog News UK;  Domestic Dog Population Is Larger Than Originally Thought, 2011
  5. Wikipedia,  for human population statistics


Household cat/dog populations

  • UK:  10.3 million cats and 10.5 million dogs (2006)

Dogs 31% of households; Cats 26% of households (2007)

  • Australia: 3.41 million dogs and 2.35 million cats (2009)

Dogs 36% of households; Cats 23% of households

Human populations comparing NSW and total UK:

  • NSW population 7,238,819
  • UK population   62,218,761
  • Aus population 22,238, 800

 Based on the figures above: 

Cats and dogs per head of population

UK  2.99 people per cat/dog

Australia 3.7 people per cat/dog

Now, lets look at some comparisons between NSW and UK stats

Dogs handled by Councils

Dogs handled by UK Councils (10-11) 126, 176 = 493 people per dog ( dogs handled by council relative to population)

Dogs handled by NSW Councils (10-11) 48,523 = 149 people per dog ( dogs handled by council relative to population)

 Ie nearly 3 times more dogs enter NSW Pounds per head of population than the UK


Dogs killed by Councils

Dogs pts UK Councils   7121 = 8,737 people per dog killed

Dogs pts NSW Councils 13,707 (Taskforce Paper) = 528 people per dog killed

Ie 16.5  times more dogs per head of population, are killed by NSW Councils, than by UK Councils

Council kill rates (dogs killed as a percent of dogs entering Pounds)

UK Council kill rate = 7121 / 126, 176 =  6%

NSW Council kill rate = 13,707 / 48,523 = 28%

Ie the kill rate in Council pounds as a percent of dogs coming in is 4.6 times higher in NSW than in the UK


We have a serious problem in NSW,  when compared to the UK. We urge the NSW government to take immediate action on recommendations made by the NSW Companion Animal Taskforce when they are published.

Note: some people might argue that a comparison between a single Australian State and the total UK is an unfair comparison. Certainly, there are Regions of the UK where statistics are worse than the national average. However, we feel that  this analysis represents a picture demonstrating that NSW must take seriously efforts to reduce dogs entering pounds and significantly increasing dogs leaving pounds safely. Whilst similar figures are less readily available for cats in the uk, let’s not forget our feline friends in NSW.

Note: Deathrowpets have taken statistics from other organisation publications quoted and cannot warrant accuracy of those figures

Information required on Dogs NSW…….

Dogs NSW have contacted their members to object to an Option proposed in the NSW animal welfare Taskforce 2012, an Option they themselves recommended, being an integral member of that Taskforce.

Click here to understand what’s going on….

To be specific, they support Breeder Licencing for non Dogs NSW members, and want an EXEMPTION for themselves ( cynical us believe this would drive more membership applications, but that’s another matter).

They want “self-regulation”.: From their paper to members:

“Dogs NSW Breeders already have in place a well regulated system which provides for; 

 • Education and Training prior to the granting of a Breeder’s Prefix 
• Proof of Residential Address verifying actual location of approved breeding premises 
• Compulsory Microchipping prior to registration 
• Availability of the Limited Register to restrict breeding of surplus animals 
• A Code of Ethics which sets the highest standards in breeding practises and commits all Registered Breeders 
to compliance with all relevant legislation 
• A regulated investigation and inquiry program to deal with breaches of our Code 
• A traceable Membership Number which can be used in puppy advertisements 
The  Taskforce  proposal  has  the  potential  to  add  a  further  tier  of  registration  on  Dogs  NSW  Breeders 
which would  undoubtedly bring with it unnecessary and unjustifiable further regulation and costs. Dogs 
NSW Members need to be one voice in opposing it. “

DRP Comment:

We think this is as good a time as any to reveal cracks in their “well regulated system” and breaches of their Code, and breaches of their “regulated investigation program” on breaches of their code,  which we are told that they often ignore.

Action you can take: 

If you have information, direct experience, or evidence, please post your story in the comments section below. We will never reveal your name or email details – all is confidential. Please, only FACTS and information, no exaggerations! We don’t want a legal letter from Dogs NSW ……..

And if they ARE squeaky clean, then that’s OK too!

Undercover pet shop investigation

In late 2010 Animal Liberation Campaign Co-ordinator Jacqueline Dalziell took a position as a employee in a well known Sydney pet shop. Over a 3 month period she took observations and filmed breaches of the Code of Practice.

The TV report was screened on Today Tonight  and can be viewed on COMPANION ANIMAL NEWS click here

( Please nb to click at the bottom to go direct to some other Animal Liberation pet shop diary stories.)

In February 2011 she presented this report to the RSPCA NSW:

RSPCA Report

Location: XXXX

Store Owner: XXXXXXX (DRP note: this store is one of a well known  large chain of  Pet Stores across the country)

In efforts to expose how animals suffer in pet stores, this year I took a job working undercover in a XXXX store. I worked approximately 2-3 shifts (approx. 6-8 hours) per week, for approximately three months. I was hired having no formal qualifications in animal care. I recorded everything I saw and heard. READ MORE HERE

How much does a pet shop make from live animals?

We were told by one of our readers that a tradesman attended their house for some work recently.

It transpires that his brother owns Warriewood Pet Shop in Sydneys northern suburbs.  He confided that the brother makes over $40,000 pa from sales of live animals….

DRP Comment and actions you can take:

There are many pet shops who have decided that they will not sell puppies and kittens from breeders ( some help rehome homeless animals from pounds or rescue groups – a practice we strongly support). We need to support these pet shops. Pet Shop Stars here..

There are many of us who will not spend a cent in pet shops that sell animals, go here to download feedback cards for pet stores you will not support. I wonder how much business pet shops selling animals ( not homeless animals) are losing because we go elsewhere?