News from Victoria – another Geelong puppy factory

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“Our latest undercover investigation has revealed distressing conditions for about 30 dogs on a puppy factory in Meredith, near Geelong.

For the last 48 hours we have tried to get authorities to act. Now we need your help to increase the pressure. The code of practice is very clear and is mandatory. Only local Council officers can inspect under, and enforce this mandatory code of practice. Golden Plains Shire media spokesperon stated “The visit found all dogs on the property are registered with Council and conditions are fine”.

It is not acceptable to collect money for dog registrations and then allow the animals to endure conditions that are so bad that they are suffering and dying…..

To read the rest of this disturbing puppy factory report, click here..

Please take a good look at the pictures.

DRP Comment: What is it with this part of Victoria and their Councils who refuse to act? Over 100 puppy factories in Victoria??

Actions you can take:

Please take the actions asked for on the Prisoners For Profit website. Do it now!