A blind eye

We would not normally post a document from 8 years ago, but the reaction to the report on the RSPCA WA (now removed under instructions from RSPCA WA solicitors)has been so strong that we felt this transcript of the ABC 4 Corners report on the RSPCA would be of interest to many readers. It certainly explains much. The big question is this: how much has changed in WA?

Australian Broadcasting Corporation; FOUR CORNERS 2004

 Investigative TV journalism at its best. TRANSCRIPT : A Blind Eye

 Reporter Ticky Fullerton explores the uncomfortably close relationships that the RSPCA is forging with key industry groups – intensive poultry, pork and live exports – and asks whether these bonds have tied it in a knot of conflict. READ MORE HERE



Greens ACT website April 7th 2011

Greens TAMS spokesperson, Caroline Le Couteur MLA, urged the Government and the Liberal Party to join groups like RSPCA, ACT Rescue and Foster and Dogs ACT in support of the Greens’ Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, which was tabled in the Assembly today.

“In December the Greens tabled a draft of the legislation, and have since received an enormous response during a thorough consultation on the Bill.  This really demonstrated Canberrans’ interest in the issue, and their passion for animals,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“There is a recognised need to address problems with unethical breeding of cats and dogs and the abandonment and euthanizing of companion animals. READ MORE HERE

Changes to Victoria’s Code of Practice for Shelters and why we should all care


The Victorian DPI seems intent on making it as hard as possible, if not impossible for Rescue groups and Foster groups to continue their work in saving animal lives.

So, we want to bring your attention to a very excellent information article written by Saving Pets which summarises the situation really well and which also advises on actions you can take. Please access here………

It is essential that we all work together to stop this nonsense. The Vic DPI doesn’t seem to understand that the overwhelming evidence is that Rescue and Foster Groups play  a major and significant  part in saving the lives of pound and shelter animals. They should be  a part ov every community based startegy to stop the killing. Why is the Vic DPI so called “Animal Welfare Group” so against it and fr0m whom are they taking their advice? What is behind all this? Ask the questions – we need answers.

Do you have a pet that came from a rescue group? If so, please go to the Dog Rescue Association of Victoria facebook page and post your story with a picture!

Please action these now as you only have a few more weeks till the closing date for submissions: 29th April.

Interstingly, here is the definition of “Animal Welfare” that the Vic DPI use:

‘Animal welfare’ means how an animal is coping with the conditions in which it lives. An animal is in a good state of welfare if (as indicated by scientific evidence) it is healthy, comfortable, well nourished, safe, able to express innate behaviour, and if it is not suffering from unpleasant states such as pain, fear, and distress. Good animal welfare requires disease prevention and veterinary treatment, appropriate shelter, management, nutrition, humane handling and humane slaughter/killing. Animal welfare refers to the state of the animal; the treatment that an animal receives is covered by other terms such as animal care, animal husbandry, and humane treatment. “

Humane slaughter/killing? And what about getting the animals a good home? Doesnt that come into it?

Do you have any comments about the Victorian DPI and their work with the comanion animal pound and shelter issue? let us know!