Will cat decline threaten vet jobs?

“A sharp decline in the Australian domestic cat population may lead to the loss of up to 300 positions for veterinarians, according to experts.”

We came across this veterinary Magazine article that you might be interested to read. READ MORE HERE…

Companion Animals – a cherished part of Australian life

Animals Australia website says:

“Dogs and cats are recognised and cherished by many Australians, both young and old, for their unique ability to provide companionship, comfort and unconditional love.   Their status in the Australian community is confirmed by figures which suggest that READ MORE HERE…

RSPCA Close Puppy Farms Campaign – update

Stop Puppy Farms banner Monash Freeway Melbourne

On August 17th, we attended the RSPCA Close Puppy Farms round table meeting in Canberra, along with representatives from AVA, PIAA, ANKC, AWL Queensland, MBDTA , NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Commitee and various RSPCA representatives. It certainly was “interesting” being in the same discussion as some of the “enemy”! Read more here..

Not every dog has his day

It’s not our practice to advertise products on this blog, but this book is very relevant to the subject of the treatment of dogs in Australia today.

Author Jane Duckworth has undertaken a massive amount of research to cover the doggy- subjects in the book. The range is huge.

This sentence in the intro chapter caught my attention:

” Entering into dog ownership is a considerable decision to make. When buying a dog people often think more about their own enjoyment than considering aspects of the animal’s welfare. When the relationship between dog and owner then proves unsatisfactory many of the dogs will be discarded in one way or another” …….and Read more here