Update on proposal for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare

Following my questions asking for a progress update:

From office of Kelvin Thomas:

“Thanks for your email seeking an update on the proposed Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

The Live Animal Export Working Group has developed a model for the establishment of such an office, and has presented it to the Government and the Parliamentary Labor Party for consideration. That consideration is now happening.”

From Melissa Parke:

“Thanks very much for your email – and I really appreciate your expression of support.

 The framework for the establishment of the Independent Office of Animal Welfare has been forwarded by the Caucus for consideration by the Minister’s office, and I hope will soon result in the legislation required to put the IOAW in place.  I am sure you appreciate that it is a necessary reform, and one that is not before its time.

 There is no support in the Coalition for changes of this kind – and there is some possibility that if the reform is not able to bedded down through the parliamentary process in the few sitting weeks that remain (a real prospect, alas, considering the obstructive conduct of the Coalition) the September election may well be the determinant of whether we see this important improvement in the way that animal welfare is considered and monitored.

Kind regards, Hon Melissa Parke MP

Federal Labor Member for Fremantle, Parliamentary Secretary for Homelessness and Social Housing
Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health
Canberra: Suite R1.36, Parliament House, Canberra | TEL: 02 6277 2189
Electorate office: 62 Wray Avenue, Fremantle, WA 6160 | TEL: 08 9335 8555 

See also: debate speech by Melissa Parkes, Feb 13  

The following members of the Live Animal Working Group are:

Graham Perrett MP (Chair); Tony Zappia MP; Steven Gibbons MP; Senator Glenn Sterle; Senator Trish Crossin

Rob Mitchell MP; Melissa Parke MP; Kelvin Thomson MP; Janelle Saffin MP; Gay Brodtmann MP; Darren Cheeseman MP

Dick Adams MP; Anna Burke MP

Kind regards, Kate Griffiths, Media Advisor

Office of Graham Perrett MP
 ( (07) 3344 2622 6  (07) 3344 4276: kate.griffiths@aph.gov.au

DRP Comment: 

This is a really important initiative. If it doesn’t get through by the Labor government, lets make sure that the next government picks up the ball and runs with it. Please write to Melissa Parkes, Kelvin Thompson and the members of the LAWG to express your support. We need to also tell them that this should cover all animals, not just the live export market.

( Question I wonder why it is a Live Animal Export Working Group that is giving advice on this matter?)


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